Committed to Headache & Migraine Research, Awareness & Advocacy.


Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of those who suffer with headache and migraine disorders through fundraising for quality research and the promotion of patient empowerment, community awareness, and local and national advocacy.


Runnin' for Research, Inc. (R4R), was founded in 2015 as a charitable organization dedicated to research, awareness, empowerment, and advocacy in all areas of headache and migraine disorders. The primary mechanism to accomplish the missions is the organization and implementation of 5K runs and walks throughout the United States.

Contributions to R4R are used to recruit, support, market, and manage local race events with all proceeds from these events being used to support the missions of the organization. In 2016, R4R completed three run/walk events, including Morgantown, West Virginia; Louisville, Kentucky; and Kansas City, Missouri. Donations totaling $48,000 were given to various organizations, including the American Migraine Foundation, National Headache Foundation, Migraine Research Foundation, American Brain Foundation, and the American Headache and Migraine Association. Other entities may be supported upon request if they align with the mission of R4R.

The long term goal is that R4R will have a network of nationwide events, locally organized and run by committed volunteers. The primary focus of R4R is to promote the creation of run/walk events in communities throughout the country and empower local volunteers (physicians, nurses, migraine sufferers and care-givers) to plan, organize, and execute these events.

Board of Directors

As a leadership group, we strive to make each race a fun event and a successful fund raiser. We are committed to Headache & Migraine research, awareness, & advocacy.

Dr. David B. Watson

Morgantown, West Virginia

Teri Robert

Washington, West Virginia

Dr. Brian Plato

Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Lauren Strauss

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dr. Jennifer Bickel

Kansas City, Missouri